You may be returning to church, coming to church for the very first time or looking for a church home.  Whatever your story may be – you likely have some questions we hope to answer right here.


What is the Sunday schedule?

We have a worship service at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday for all ages!

We have four adult Sunday School classes for you to choose from beginning at 9:00 a.m.


Is there anything for my children?

YES!  This is our specialty.  Children’s and Youth Programming is offered during the 9:00 classes 10:00 a.m. hours.

  • During the 9:00 a.m. hour, children (infant through 5th grade) are in Sunday School, and the youth (6th – 12th grade) as well.  
  • During the 10:00 hour, children (infant through 5th grade) will experience their own worship services.  2 – 5 year olds go to Wee-Worship.  First through fifth grade children attend Junior Church. 


What do I wear?

You’ll find people in everything from shorts and T-shirts to dress pants and polos on Sunday’s (occasionally you might see a tie).  Most people come to FC3 casually dressed in jeans.  Wear what you have and you’ll be warmly welcomed.



Where will I find the coffee?

You’ll find free coffee fellowship hall. You’ll find creamer and sugar there, too. We prefer that you finish your coffee before entering the worship center. Depending on whether you get here early enough or not you may find a donut or two along with some type of fruit.


How do I find a Sunday school class or Connect group?

Check out our small group or Sunday school info here on our site to see the different group options and where they meet. You can contact Rusty Ferguson for Sunday School information, Sol Bayouth for Connect Group information if you have any specific questions or you can contact David Logsdon for both. We’d love to help connect you to one of our Connect groups and or mid-sized groups.


What takes place during the worship services?

While the order and special elements may vary, there will be worship with music.  The praise and worship team will lead us in songs to, for and about God.  The style of music is contemporary. We always invite our partners and guest to join in worship with us. However, you might not be comfortable singing at first. We understand and will be thrilled when you do join us. Until then you may join us in worship through letting the time bring your spiritual refreshment.

• There will be a time of preaching. One of our ministers will communicate God’s Word in a relevant way for the purpose of life change.
• There will be a time of communion where believers remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf on the cross. This is a time for remembrance, reflection and repentance.
• There will be a time of giving. Giving is an act of worship for regular partners of FC3.  We do not ask or expect guests to give financially to the kingdom work at FC3. We simply give the opportunity for all who want to participate in this act of worship.
• There will be a time of decision (aka “invitation”). This is a time in our worship service where we encourage people to respond in a variety of ways. We have a designated area people can come to for prayer, to begin a relationship with Jesus, to place partnership with the church, to be baptized or to talk.