When:  March 16-22, 2019 (Spring Break) Who:  Any FC3 Middle Schooler through Adult.  (Middle School must be accompanied by an adult!) Where:  Piedras Negras, Mexico (a border town of Eagle Pass, Texas.) With Crossroads Missions (You can visit their website for information.) http://www.crossroadsmissions.com/mexico.php?Who=Mexico


What is the total cost of the trip? Crossroads Missions charges $600 per person.This cost includes everything in Mexico except for souvenirs and snacks FC3 will provide all expense of travel to the border except for your meals (6) on the road.


What Kind of missions trip is this?   This particular trip will be a construction trip.  Details depend on the experience in the group.


3 Things To Do To Get Signed-up?

  1. Fill out an online application (register)
  2. Pay $100 to reserve your spot (only 20 spots)
  3. Get Passport* (This will cost you approx $150)

Future: Attend ALL FC3 Mexico Meetings prior to the trip (All meeting will be after service each Sunday for 30 minutes or less) Pay the remainder of total cost by the February 11th meeting. ($500)


  *It will take you a month to get your passport. Do not delay. You must have before February 2019