Caring about others


Acts of Service


FC3 seeks to care about others through random service projects we do throughout the year. We provide yearly activities like our Harvest Hoedown.  Harvest Hoedown is a carnival type atmosphere where we have games, activities of all kinds and food!  Everything is free!  FC3 has been providing this service since 2005 and each year it has been bigger (and the crowds have grown, too!)  It takes an army to pull this off and we usually have aroudn 150 workers to get it done!


Buck Bucket

First Christian Church is always seeking out ways to connect with people and care about others.  One of the ways that we do this weekly is through our “buck bucket”.  Each week we ask FC3 people to give 1 buck ($1) to our bucket  100% of this money goes back in to the community for help.  We help in a variety of ways:  gas, city bills, electric, food, etc.  Whatever we get on Sunday typically gets spent during that week.  It is just one way we seek to show that we care because of the One who cares for us!


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