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September 2012

Caring about Others

FC3 – Connecting to each other!

August 2012

The Place I Gotta Long For – Rev 21-22

The Darkness I Gotta See Through – Revelation 14

Wake up! – Intern David McCune

The Courage I Gotta Speak! (Rev. 10-13)

July 2012

The Confidence I gotta walk in! – Revelation 6-9

The Worship I Gotta Have – Rev 4-5

The Church I gotta Love!!! – Revelation 2-3

The Jesus You’ve Gotta See- Rev. 1






What to do when the roller coaster starts. – 8/7/11

Daring Faithful Move – 7/31/11

Daring Knowledge – 7/24/11

Daring Opporunity – 7/17/11

Changed: Testimony

Changed: To Change Others

Changed: Message