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June 2018

When History is Forgotten…

Exodus 1:1-22
1. When we remember, let’s remember whose we are more than who we were!
2. When we remember, let’s be on target more than missing the mark!
3.  When we remember, let’s be full of joy more than allow bitterness to rule our hearts!

May 2018

Carry Your Cross

Mark 8:34-48

Wanted, Not Dead, But Alive!

Romans 6:1-14
1. United
2. Death
3. Life

As For Me and My House

Acts 16:11-34, 18:5-8

The Missing Piece

Acts 19:1-7

April 2018

The Proof of Life Without the Water

Acts 10, 11:14-18

The Religious Still Needs Baptism

Acts 9:1-19; 22:14-16

Philip and the Ethiopian

Acts 8:26-40

Wet Behind the Ears, Yet Dry As a Bone.

  1. When the Gospel_________ ____, Great_____ is a                                                                                              __________!!!!
      2. Anytime the Gospel ________ (amazes) people,______
            tries to ____________the ________!

You’re Never Too Old to Start (Again)

Matthew 3
Mark 1
Luke 3






What to do when the roller coaster starts. – 8/7/11

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