This Summer at FC3

Summertime in churches can be the busiest.  FC3 is no exception.  Numerous youth camps and activities, Men’s and Women’s retreats, conventions and conferences all over America, and not to mention Vacation Bible School fill our hearts, minds, and calendars to the max!!

At FC3 we urging you not to lose focus on the Revolution of Christ’s Love.  2,000 years ago it started with 12 uneducated men.  These men became the pioneers of the most influential movement in the history of the world.  This was made possible through their devotion to sharing Christ’s Love through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  

The question we are asking is “if 12 men can change the world, what can 120 or 1,200 Christians, who are faithfully committed to surrendering to the Holy Spirit, do in our community, state, country, and world?”  

Join us each week as we find out!!!